Golf started practicing yoga because facing of insomnia, overweight and some movement (knees & ankles joints) problems. Hence, she decided to take up yoga. Ever since then, she had seen tangible benefits but this was achieved with constant practicing. Her health condition improved and she was not easily exhausted as previously. Better movements made a change to lifestyle and most importantly, better concentrations due to calm mind from yoga. Weight was reduced and controlled with more toned muscles and this was done without any diet program.

Yoga bio
Golf has been practicing yoga for more than nine years now. She undergo International Yoga Teacher Training ( I.Y.F and Y.A ) 200 hour Course by Fitness Innovation (Thailand) Ltd. She is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga professionally since 2008.

For an enjoyable class, each student is encouraged to practice within their own present ability. Progression should be steadily and safely. Yoga is for anyone who wants to experience the many benefits regardless of age, sex, shape or size. Being flexible or strong may allow individual to a head start and at the same time flexible and strength is not a criteria for learning. Each student would get the attention and support needed to practice all postures at their own level with the help of the instructor. With regular practice, individual would notice and benefit from more energy and wellbeing in your body, mind and spirit. Happiness will follow suit around you.

Her tag line “Sweating out with satisfaction!”

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